Welcome to TimeLord 2 - ProDJ Link

list_bullet.png TimeLord ProDJ allows you display and extract metadata, speed, waveform and time code from up to four  Pioneer® ProDJ Link compatible devices - DJ players - such as the CDJ-2000 Nexus or XDJ-700 for example, remotely over a network connection.  This allows you to synchronize other devices such as lighting consoles or media servers to the tracks the DJ is performing with, no matter what order or speed they are played at.

TimeLord ProDJ connected with two CDJ-2000 players.

list_bullet.png TimeLord ProDJ can use this information to build up a database of tracks and time offsets, so that you can trigger your lighting controller or vision system for specific tracks, no matter when or in what order they are played.   If your club or venue has a resident DJ, pre-determined playlists, or an always-available rekordbox collection that is made available to any/all DJ’s who visit the venue and use the system, you can certainly prepare time code for these tracks.   There is also an inbuilt Web Server which can produce a Now Playing page for digital signage.

TimeLord Pro-DJ communication with players remotely.

DB_Edit.pngTimeLord Pro-DJ Database Editor

list_bullet.png TimeLord ProDJ also includes a small scripting engine that can execute actions such as send a MIDI note or send a MA2 command based on events that occur in the ProDJ Link network.

TimeLord Pro-DJ Live Wave Form Viewer.

TimeLord ProDJ has an inbuilt Webserver which can generate Now Playing pages for digital signage.


For more information on how TimeLord ProDJ works - please read the manual.