TimeLord (TimeLord ProDJ, MSexLord and HTTPLord) are free to download and test, though a license is required to use these products continuously.  If TimeLord is not activated, then it will randomly stop playing, just to remind you that you need to activate it! Click Cancel to continue evaluating.

Updates are free forever, a license will always give you access to the latest available TimeLord.

TimeLord might be cheap, but it's serious.  You often can't get any of these features for under $400!  Personally now I don't need to pay $400 & buy a mac, just to run a audio/video cue with time code... so neither do you! Plus you get features the others just don't have. The time that TimeLord can save you is $99 off being priceless.

TimeLord is a time coding multi-tool, developed by me for me.  I am offering access to you, but you may or may not find it useful - depending on your purpose. You do have the chance to try it before you buy it. 

A TimeLord License is valid for TimeLord ProDJ and Media Time Code Player, MSexLord, and HTTPLord.  One installation on one machine, per license.  You can de-register one machine and re-register on another machine should you wish to replace your PC at some point, but only twice in 90 days.  Licenses are securely delivered by Softworkz Inc. via PayPal payment processing.  

Download and try TimeLord before you purchase a license!
Licenses are non-refundable!  Try before you buy!

Once you have completed your PayPal transaction, you will be emailed an Activation Code.  
Using this Activation Code, simply entered into the "Activation Required" window, you will have full access to all of TimeLord's functionality for this and any future versions of TimeLord.  You must have an active internet connection in order to activate TimeLord.

Note, you will be prompted to enter a password to secure your License, and it is very important you remember this password, as it cannot be retrieved and you will be unable to re-register your license on another installation in the future.  


Assume that lost passwords are not recoverable, and there is no opportunity to re-install or to be refunded. (Though they are actually recoverable, if you contact support).

Everytime you activate TimeLord, you need to create a new password, one that you have not used before.

TimeLord does not store any of your License or PayPal information, other than your email address and activation number.  TimeLord HQ can see if your license has been activated or deactivated.

In addition to the above mentioned information, you must agree to the terms and conditions [click here].

By clicking this box, you certify you have read and agree with TimeLord's terms and conditions.