remoteMA is an MA2 riggers remote application for Samsung Gear S2 and S3 watches.

 Samsung App Store



  • You will need a Samsung Gear S3 or S2 watch.
  • You will need a MA Lighting MA2 lighting console or onPC session. 
  • You will need a WIFI router connected to your watch, and to your console.
  • You will need your watch to be in the same in same IP range as an MA2 console or onPC.
  • You will need the watch's WIFI to be set to Always On.

Getting Started...

You can download and install the application via the Samsung App Store.

You will need to Enable Remotes in your MA2 Setup window, by enabling the option highlighted below;



You will also need to create a Username and Password for connecting to the MA2 with.
Login 'remote' and password 'remote' is used in these examples.




Locate the app on your watch and tap on it...



You then enter IP Address, Username and Password details into the watch app.
These will be saved so you don't need to enter every time you connect.

(Hint: Enter a dot '.' in the IP address by holding down on 1 on the pop-up keypad,
the word 'remote' is quickly entered by pressing 736683)



...followed by the Connect button.


If the connection fails:

"Denied!" means your Username or Password was not accepted.
"Handshaking" is when we are connected to something, but not yet logged in.
"Network Error" probably mean your IP address was wrong or network is unreachable.



When connected, the watch should change to the command page.

Pressing the BACK button on this page will return to the connection page,
If you are already on the connection page, pressing BACK will exit the application.

You can now enter basic MA2 commands, such as Fixture 1 Thru 12 At 50 Please.

You can backspace with the key_del.png button, though if the display is empty, press twice to send "Oops /nc".

Some buttons are stacked on the top of the displayed buttons.

Press  x1 x2 x3
key_fixture.png Fixture Store Off
key_channel.png Channel Select  
key_group.png Group Exec  
key_thru.png Thru IfOutput  
key_plus.png + - .
key_at.png At Normal  


Turning the watch dial with an empty command line will default to Fixture,
unless highlight is on, in which case it will send "Next" or "Previous".

Turning the watch dial when the last button pushed was a number will increase or decrease that number.

Pressing At with an empty command line and turning the watch dial will automatically send
"At + 5" for clockwise, or "At - 5" for anti-clockwise.

Now, change to the next page by pressing key_flip.png


Highlight - Toggles Highlight on/off
Solo - Toggles Solo on/off
Oops - Send Oops

Pan, Tilt, RGB, Gobo, Focus and Zoom can be controlled by the watch dial.

Go+ and Go- affect the currently selected executor in MA2.

RGB opens the colour picker.


Here the dial controls the brightness.
Press the BACK button or centre colour to return.

If your colours are wrong, you might need to set "Default MixColor" to "RGB" in MA2.




This app is quite basic, you shouldn't have any difficulty if you have setup your network properly.