TrakLord is a simple joystick to PosiStageNet translator, enabling up to sixteen joysticks to be mapped to PSN trackers, thus enabling you to move stage markers in MA2, the idea being follow spot operators can use joysticks and moving lights :)



It includes a simple 3D interface which shows the status of the first PSN tracker.
(you can not open the 3d interface and still run the server by pressing cancel when asked, also don't use full screen mode unless you have already got everything working.)

It's totally free, being a simple exercise for me in understanding PSN.

Download the setup manual written by MA Tech Support

It comes with very little support, I don't have time to answer many questions on PSN, or TrakLord sorry.
It's a little tricky to get MA2 stage markers etc working, and I just can't possible help everyone sorry.
Maybe someone wants to make a tutorial on how to do this in MA, but not me sorry.


Connect your Joystick(s) before starting traklord.

Then have an entry in the trakpatch.ini file for every joystick you have.
The X and Y axis on a joystick are usually left<>right, and up<>down.

The Z axis varies between joystick types and therefore can be mapped in the ini file.
Also, it's handy to use the ABSOLUTE value for z, then the Z_SPEED value then becomes the maximum Z height in meters (though only 50% of the axis is used).

The relative mode is for joysticks that spring back to center when you let them go.

You can also invert axis so the character moves in the same direction as the joystick.

Using the arrow keys and mouse in the 3d display, you move the position of the light and camera to where they would be in reality.

You set the room size / stage size in the trakpatch.ini also.

Press Alt-Tab for the mouse to escape the 3D window!

If the flickering in the status window is annoying, just minimize it.

You must set your network adapters IP address (this machines network IP) in the trakpatch.ini file for it to work.  WILL NOT WORK with MA2 onPC, so you'll need two machines networked for an onPC setup (ie. won't work on same computer as onPC).

There are several options that can be configured from the "trakpatch.ini" file, an explanation is detailed in the README.txt

Download TrakLord here.