Welcome to TimeLord

list_bullet.png TimeLord is a media time code playback system, specifically tailored for use in live production environments.  TimeLord generates Time Code from Audio/Video files as well as from a built in Click-Track generator and timer system to enable other devices, typically lighting systems, to remain in tight synchronization with the media playback.  TimeLord can also 'chase' and/or regenerate and convert incoming time code. 


list_bullet.png Designed specifically with grandMA2 lighting systems in mind, TimeLord has several unique features which will help make life easier when working with time code shows.  Multiple tracks can be imported in a batch, while offsets are automatically calculated, and the show uploaded directly to the lighting console, meaning you can get to recording your shows faster! 

10714050_882718201773638_3392193092743425660_o.jpgTimeLord interface on an MA2 light, showing wave form, cue list and timing info.

Events Editor & Wave Form Viewer


list_bullet.png TimeLord can even create control macros and executors in MA2 allowing complete playback control from the console.  Playback is easy with executor buttons ordering TimeLord to Stop, Play, Pause, Next, Previous, Fadeout etc. and also Audio/Video levels and track position (seek) control and feedback directly on the motorized faders.



list_bullet.png TimeLord is a great tool for bringing Lighting Designers, Lighting Programmers and Lighting Operators together. 

Lighting Designers will love to see their time-critical concepts come to life, night after night in a consistent way, Lighting Programmers can enjoy the experience using the integration features to make programming and testing faster, and Lighting Operators will love TimeLord - since they should only need to press play!

Perfect for use in:

  • Special effects lighting on the Stage, TV or Movie set.
  • Musical and Theatrical Stage productions.
  • Ballet and other dance performances.
  • School productions, strip clubs, houses of worship etc.
  • Artistic lighting installations and Museum exhibits.
  • Trade show displays.


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Simple show done with TimeLord.